James Friend Headshot

James Friend

Born and brought up in Edinburgh. spent most of his working life in Aberdeen as a chest physician, but was always interested in music and spent several years as President of the Aberdeen Chamber Music Concerts organisation, often hosting the visiting musicians. He now lives in the central belt south of Glasgow and has various links to the members of the Roxburgh Quartet.

Thomas Moore

Career: Investment Manager (investing in UK companies) at Aberdeen Standard Investments.

What is your connection to Roxburgh?: I have enjoyed attending Roxburgh concerts for many years. I am a cellist, as is my son, who is lucky enough to be taught by Helen. I know first-hand how much pleasure music can bring.

How do you hope to contribute to the Roxburgh?: I would hope to bring my commercial and financial awareness to the group, coupled with my enthusiasm for helping the Roxburgh Quartet to develop.
Edinburgh LA Secretary Alison Murphy. Career: 
Physics teacher in Edinburgh school. Though currently on secondment to the Educational Institution of Scotland. 

What is your connection to Roxburgh?: Alas, I don’t have a musical bone in my body, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going to Roxburgh concerts over the years. I particularly enjoy the mix of music, and the way they really work to engage their audiences.  

How do you hope to contribute to the Roxburgh?: I hope my experience organising events in schools (AKA being naturally bossy), coupled with my enthusiasm for the Roxburgh Quartet will allow me to help them in organising events and reaching out to a wide audience.